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Author Topic: Parrot Asteroid Smart and Defi Advance Gauges  (Read 607 times)


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Parrot Asteroid Smart and Defi Advance Gauges
« on: May 02, 2017, 02:51:09 PM »
Hello to all the Parrot Asteroid users.

To start from the very beginning:

My name is Nick.
I'm an owner of 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI.
My car is modified so I need to control some additional parameters like:
 - Oil pressure
 - Oil temperature
 - Exhaust gases temperature

For this reason I bought a set of Defi sensors, Defi Advance Control Unit and a Defi Smart Adapter W.

Defi Advance Control Unit (I will call it DACU hereafter) - A unit, that collects data from Sensors and can send it to Defi Gauges if installed, to Defi Smart Adapter W if installed or both (if installed =) ).
Defi Smart Adapter W (I will call it DSAW hereafter) - A unit that connects to your DACU or to DACU and OBD depending on which model you purchased and transmits all the collected data to any iOS or Android device with Defi Application installed (Defi Meter C).

Above mentioned sensors are wired from an engine and are connected to the DACU.
Then DSAW gets data from both DACU and OBD and transmits it to Parrot Asteroid Smart (I will call it PAS hereafter)
To install Defi Meter C app on PAS I made some actions:
 - Gained root access with Framaroot
 - Installed Play Market
 - Installed the Defi app

Everything works but I do have some issues:
 - Left Home Bar takes part of the screen and Defi app can't go fullscreen. App image quality becomes worth because it is shrinked. (A link for the topic here)
 - If I try to use Defi app in a Dual Bluetooth mode with my iPhone connected (music played from it via bluetooth or a while I'm on the phone through the PAS handsfree) my Defi app works with a huge time lag and it's screen updates like once a second. (A link for the topic here)